Drink Driving in London

Drink Driving in London. Treatment available

Drink Driving in London

Drink driving in London. Offences for drink driving can become a positive point of change for many people. Did you know that if you have actively found treatment for your addiction to alcohol, and have either been through an alcohol detox and rehab program, or are going through one. This could help you sentence massively. The reason you are sentenced is to rehabilitate you. But if you have done your own rehabilitation. It must help you when sentencing. We all make mistakes, and none of us are prefect. You may as well do all you can to fight your case.

“Take the bull by the horns” and get yourself clean from alcohol before sentencing. Plus you will have a much and clearer head when in court. You cannot lose. You have had the biggest wakeup call by losing your licence. So make positive steps now. Call our team on Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours).

An appropriate program of treatment can often be undertaken. This is in mitigation of sentencing where someone who is facing sentencing. This has decided that they wish to take control of their drinking and seek abstinence from alcohol.

For some people having been caught and charged for high-level DD. This brings them to the point of realising that they are drinking is at a dangerous level. In many cases the person realises that have endangered the lives of others. Often family members as well as their own life.

Through our full range of rehabilitation programs provided residential and at-home treatment or through a combination of both, many people have stopped drinking and are now in full recovery.

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