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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre London – We can save you £1000’s on the cost of private rehab centres. It has never been more affordable for an alcohol detox in London, wether a home or residential alcohol detox. Our goal is to help people with Substance Abuse, Dependency or Addiction problems to understand through their own experiences what their personal needs are, and what support they need in order to cater for those needs, both present and future. Peer support is seen as essential in providing a strong foundation from which individuals continue building a life off Balance, Creativity, Fulfilment and Freedom from Addiction.

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Residential rehab is expensive, but we can save you £1000’s 

Alcohol Detox in London

Alcohol Detox in London provides a comprehensive Detoxification and Stabilisation Program tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Our hugely experienced Doctors prescribe a medicated detox to minimise any discomfort from the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol.

How we can help

Residential Rehab Centres: We have several residential rehab centres which are clean, safe, comfortable and successful. And very affordable for everyone!

Home detox from alcohol: Ever thought of having your detox in the comfort of your own home. We offer the most supported alcohol home detox available anywhere.

Free assessment: We are happy to offer you a totally free assessment to see the best ways for you to move forward with your alcohol addiction.

Private or NHS: Talk to us about all the options available for you.

There has never been so many affordable options to detox from alcohol. Residential Detox, Home Detox, Online Rehab etc etc. Addiction Helpline working with Alcohol Detox in London provides Inpatient medically supported Alcohol and Drug Detoxification at clinic throughout the UK, and can admit clients 7 days a week (subject to medical assessment).

alcohol detox in London

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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre London – We understand that a crisis can happen for you or a loved one at any time. Our team are here 24 hours a day to help with your immediate needs.

Alcohol Detox –  Specific Detoxification & Stabilisation Treatment

If you are using other substances as well as alcohol – don’t worry, we provide a wide range of detox programs to meet almost every combination of detoxification need. Alcohol withdrawal can be a very unpleasant process and medically dangerous in some circumstances. Withdrawal from alcohol should be carried out under medical supervision either at home, if appropriate or, more usually, in the safety of a specialist alcohol detox clinic or detox centre. Alcohol Detox inn London has been providing safe inpatient advice from alcohol now for over several years and has specially trained and experienced staff on duty 24 hours a day, as well as a team of experienced support workers, who know what you are going through.

Rehabilitation in London

Following a safe detox alcoholism can then be taken control of with a program of rehabilitation for alcohol, which you can work through yourself at home or you can undertake one of our specialist program of rehab for alcohol recovery.

The detoxification process is well supported by our specialist prescribing Detox centres doctors and our centres teams of nurses, support workers and therapists, a number of whom are themselves in long-term recovery.

You or your loved one or employee will be assessed pre-admission and again, once you have arrived prior to being prescribed your detox medication to determine the appropriate dose of medication. Your assessment is based on your withdrawal symptoms, height, weight and how much alcohol you have been drinking prior to your starting your detox.

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Alcohol Withdrawal – Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre London

We safeguard against alcohol withdrawal seizures with medication which is used to minimise the risk of such seizures. In addition you will have the opportunity of benefiting from other medication on a daily basis for 5 days followed by Thiamine and Vitamin B co strong daily for the remainder of the detox period and for 2 weeks after you have completed your alcohol Detox. All aspects of your medication regime will be discussed with you and fully explained at all times.

All female clients are pregnancy-tested prior to any dose of any medication being given. If a female client is pregnant our G.P’s will be consulted prior to commencing any medications.

Benefits – Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre London

In addition to the Medicated Detoxification, you will have, in some of our centres, the benefit of:

1. Access to Auricular Acupuncture to help relieve anxiety and stress

2. 24- hour Qualified Nursing cover support

3. 24- hour project worker / qualified Therapist support

4. Integration into the community of your peers and time to explore long-term recovery

5. Sleepy Teas to help facilitate normal sleep patterns

6. Constant Support 24 hours a day

alcohol detox in London

Help and Advice – Alcohol detox in London

We are happy to give you help and advice on funding, and how to go about getting a free detox and rehabilitation. Call our team today on tel: 07811 606 606. We are open 24 hours a day, and we can help you or a loved one.

Our centres success is based on Highly Structured Abstinence Based 12-Step Treatment and Aftercare. Group work and One to One Counselling, Lectures and Assignments. A Family Co-ordinator Provides Help and Support to Meet the Needs of Clients with Children.

Home Detox Program

Comprehensive alcohol home detox program available, offering massive support from our team of detox nurses. Priced at just £1295 and available anywhere in the UK.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre London

To summarise. Your options for alcohol addiction are as follows. An alcohol home detox or a residential Detox. If you would like full details of where to find these services. Call our team now. Tel: 07811 606 606 (24 hours)

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