Family, friends and work colleagues have often spent years suffering the consequences of someone’s drug misuse or drinking, usually having made repeated attempts to help the person accept and benefit from effective treatment.

Some people may have attempted treatment a number of times, but not followed it through to the point where they have been able to stop drinking or using drugs.

ADUS Healthcare is one of the UK’s leading Addiction Recovery Specialists specialising in helping families that have been totally broken by the impacts of addiction find full family recovery.

· As a family you want your LOVED ONE to STOP drinking or using drugs – to stop killing themselves

· You’ve probably EXHAUSTED all of the STRATEGIES and TACTICS you can thinks of

· Some of your family probably really CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE

· You LOVE the person but HATE what they are doing to themselves and those around them

· You’ve GIVEN up because you just DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO

A Family Intervention is a process whereby, with the support of a professional Interventionist, a family, using the love that they have for their addicted family member, enables that person to reach the point where they truly accept that they have a life-threatening problem and accept admission into Recovery Treatment on a specific date.

The clear message from a family who has the courage to intervene through this carefully planned, managed and supported loving process, is that as a family you love the person and WILL fully support their RECOVERY but WILL NOT support the ADDICT. As ONE FAMILY UNIT you all agree that you will support RECOVERY but NOT ADDICTION.

Over 92% of Interventions result in the person entering treatment THE SAME DAY

We may be able to help you today – the process is



effective and

life changing for all concerned.

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