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Home Detox

Home Detox

Home Detox

Established in 2009. We offer the UK’s most supported alcohol home detox program available. We were the first company to offer this service. Since then our programs have grown to make sure you are in the best of hands. We also have 5 residential rehab centres if you feel you would prefer to come in. This is what we offer for our home detox program:

  1. Free assessment over the phone
  2. Home visit from one of our detox nurses
  3. All medication is prescription medication from the UK
  4. Minimum of 4 home calls a day. Normally much more over the first coupler of days
  5. 24 hour helpline back to our nurses
  6. The nurse who does your assessment, will be your nurse through the whole process

There is a lot to discuss, and your safety is paramount. Call now for for a quick chat and let us see which is the best program for you.