Alcohol Detox – London Rehab Centre

Alcohol Detox in London

Alcohol Detox – London Rehab Centre

Alcohol Detox – London Rehab Centre. Our Detoxification & Rehabilitation Programs are designed to enable you to undertake all 5 Stages of long-term recovery.

1/ stopping drinking or misusing drugs

2/ understanding what has kept you drinking / misusing drugs

3/ developing the skills to stay stopped

4/ achieving a sound emotional recovery

5/ living in recovery long term

The components of our home detox in London and recovery packages

Medically supervised full at-home detoxification
4 Night ‘Kick-start’ to your home detoxification
10 Night Inpatient detoxification
14 Night Inpatient detoxification
Post ‘kick-start’ finish-off home detoxification
Detoxification telephone support
4 Weeks Daily Telephone Recovery Coaching
6 Weeks Face to Face Counselling – Once per week in your home area
Using different combinations of the above treatment and recovery components we offer over 15 tailored packages with treatment ranging from 10 days to 12 weeks (and longer if necessary).

We will work with you to assess which, if any, of our home or combined inpatient + home treatment packages will best meet your circumstances, treatment and recovery needs and of course your budget.

For an immediate & helpful response, either, contact our team, in complete confidence – Call 07811 606 60

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We know what a massive step it is, to admit you may have an issue with an addiction. We also know how hard it is to pick up the phone and call us. But you are not going to get well until you do. So call us now on Tel: 07811 606 606. (24 hours) and let us help you. All our calls are in total confidence. We never record our calls, and we will not even ask your name if you do not want us to. This is your chance to get well. Do not waste it. Call us now.

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