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About us

About us

 About us

About us. Adus Healthcare has been helping clients, families and friends with their loved ones addiction problems to alcohol. We have helped 1000’s of clients since we started in 2009. Plus we also offer the lowest priced treatment.

We have five Residential Rehab and Detox Centres. All our Treatment Centres are registered by the CQC. Our goal is to help people with Substance Abuse, Dependency or Addiction problems. To understand through their own experiences what their personal needs are. Plus  what support they need in order to cater for those needs, both present and future. Peer support is seen as essential in providing a strong foundation. From which individuals continue building a life of Balance, Creativity, Fulfilment and Freedom from Addiction.

History & Overview

ADUS Healthcare has been recommending high quality, effective Residential Addiction Treatment since 2009 all over the UK, and its leading drug and alcohol detox and rehab centres now provide:-

  • Detoxification & Rehabilitation
  • Extended Treatment
  • AftercarePlus Programme- Community-based
  • Philosophy –
  • Our Treatment Centres the 12-Step Model.
  • Family Involvement –

Where appropriate, family members and significant others are encouraged to participate in the treatment process at all stages. By attending family conferences and presenting written or verbal consequences. Also in conjunction with various therapy groups designed to present the individual with the facts of their lifestyle. In a caring and respectful manner, Clients are helped to see through their denial.